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Our ULTRA H Hydrogen Power Systems are integrated with world-class natural gas generators and our industry-leading energy storage systems to ensure unmatched performance and reliability.

This system operates specifically on stationary power applications and is rated for all types of weather exposure.

In addition, Our ULTRA H Hydrogen Power Systems uses a nontoxic catalyst. Thus, zero toxic chemicals are produced from flushing and necessary maintenance. The system yields up to 40% fuel savings on a primary power continuous duty basis, while reducing emissions up to 90%.

The system is contained in a COR-TEN steel enclosure. It has a dual water filter setup to clean local water from minerals and bios, a low waster shutdown, as well as heaters for cold weather and internal blowers for summer heat.

The Ultra H energy storage system uses the first inorganic lithium battery in the commercial marketplace and brings unprecedented attributes to the energy storage market. Due to this inorganic electrolyte, the battery is safe, robust, and reliable.

Unlike cells with conventional electrolytes, the electrolyte is nonflammable and never forms dangerous combustible gasses.

The cycle life of these batteries is more than Ten times that of conventional lithium technologies. Multi year tests have demonstrated the systems to be class leading utility scale energy storage systems

Ultra H Stationary Power Systems are modular and can be scaled up depending on the power needs of a facility. Larger systems can be linked together to achieve multi-megawatt outputs.

Ultra H Stationary Power Systems are complementary with other electricity generation technologies. Thus, they do not compete with renewable technologies. Our Ultra H Systems can be integrated or co-located with on-site solar or wind farms. In such scenarios, our Ultra H Systems provide a stable, continuous duty base load power supply to support the intermittent solar and wind farms.


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