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High Efficiency Generators

Stationary Power
High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Generators

Stationary Power Applications

Our permanent magnet generators (PM generators) provide up to five times the torque and power of conventional generators of the same size and weight by using high-energy rare-earth magnets and our patented nested coil technology.

Our PM generators are a family of modular, configurable devices that provide anywhere from 100 KW to over 1 Megawatt of energy. The steel construction and advanced stators of our generators are designed to withstand harsh environments and high axial shock loads.

Our hybrid PM generators are rugged, variable speed, high-torque, and high performance AC generators. They provide high power-to-volume and power-to-weight ratios, while maintaining full torque even at extremely low shaft speeds and can be readily modified to match system mounting and interface requirements.

Our PM generators are capable of harvesting the maximum amount of energy in a system with reliability and limited maintenance. They provide high power despite their small size and lightweight designs, and have the ability to operate at up to 98% efficiency across a large range of speeds.

Wind & Hydro Applications

Our High Efficiency Permanent Magnet Generators are much more efficient (up to 95%) than the usual SEIG (Self-Exited Induction Generators) resulting in higher performance for the turbine system. Features of our generators:

  • No Cogging
  • Strongest Neodymium Magnets
  • Advanced Coil Assembly
  • Unique Alignment System
  • Maintenance Free