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Directional Energy Corporation
provides multiple Vertical Axis Wind Turbine systems and Vertical Axis Hydro Turbines to fulfill almost any commercial power needs. Doing it in the form of Renewable Energy to achieve self-generated power and self-sustainability.

By employing our Generator/Turbine system in the form of a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine (VAWT) we capture wind in all directions.

Zero Cogging Generator: Directional Energy has the only generator that can produce multiple voltages simultaneously. It is the only vertical axis wind turbine that is UL labeled and California Energy Commission (CEC) approved. All other manufacturers did not pass the UL testing.

Having multiple coils operating independently means it can make the generator adapt to changing wind conditions.
With the Directional Energy Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and Zero Cogging generator, you can have high and low voltage simultaneously.

Blade design:  Conventional blade design wasn’t good enough for Directional Energy. They wanted better, a lot better. Their scientist set out to create a blade that spins faster, reacts to air and fluids faster, and captured more energy. Because they used their own Genetic Algorithm that their scientist created, they were able to attack the problem forcefully.
After millions of simulations they solved the issues and proved them in the field.

Next was the pressure test in the 150 mph wind tunnel. At the slowest speeds possible, the vertical axis wind turbine spun faster and created more energy than anything they had ever tested before.

Only after all those tests, were they satisfied that the new blade design was superior to any other blade. Their efforts were next directed at testing the units in water. Would it be better than any other water turbines? The answer was a resounding Yes!

Currently Directional Energy has vertical axis wind turbine systems for the following wind applications:

  • Wind Farm applications
  • Mobile/Communication Tower applications
  • Forever light area lighting applications….and more

Currently Directional Energy has the following systems available for Hydro applications:

  • Rivers
  • Water Treatment Facilities
  • Sewage Treatment Facilities
  • Industrial Waterways
  • Agriculture Waterways…. and more
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