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Hydro Turbines

The earth’s waterways and tides are a source of renewable power that is free, reliable and predictable years in advance. Easily integrated with existing energy grids and by virtue of the basic physical characteristics that accrue to seawater, namely its density (832 times that of air) and its non-compressibility, this medium holds unique ultra-high efficiency potential. This potential is additionally amplified when volume and flow rates present in many coastal locations worldwide are factored in.

Directional Energy’s Cross Flow Vertical Axis and In Plane Axis systems compared to Axial Flow Horizontal Axis and Inclined Axis commercial scale systems:

  • Very small “Footprint”
  • Rated power in flow rates of 5.75 mph or 2.57 m/s
  • Individual in-stream hydrokinetic unit capacities up to 250 KW
  • Run-of-the-river or open-river hydrokinetic power projects can operate in base load fashion, meaning power will be produced 98% of the year.
  • Suspended from surface – No USACE Section #404 Permit required
  • In-stream turbines have no effect on water chemistry
  • No effect on dissolved oxygen
  • No effect on turbidity or clarity
  • River energy projects have no effect on water temperature
  • Easily repositionable to find “sweet spot” if flow significantly changes
  • Ease of decommissioning
  • Extractable turbine for installation and safety of maintenance & inspection operations
  • Surface platform provides highest degree of safety for maintenance & inspection operations
  • Ultra competitive on cost/kW basis
  • Install in remote locations
  • Can be used for off-grid generation
  • Can be used for distributed generation
  • River projects are scalable for towns or villages
  • Quick and easy to deploy in developing world
  • Run Of River

    Run Of River

  • Hydro Turbines 50 KW-250 KW

    Hydro Turbines 50 KW-250 KW

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    Hydro Farm

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